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Picture of Tim

Tim Eniex - Owner

Born in the state of Ohio in August of 1956, Tim became an avid collector of coins at the young age of 8 years old. He started with an interest in Indian head cents. After acquiring his first “Red book of US Coins” his interest quickly grew to include all US Coins and Paper Money.

Tim came to California in 1975. As a young adult he started a career in the auto parts industry. He quickly became a parts manager before moving on to become the Service Director for two General Motors dealerships. It was these experiences he believes honed his business abilities and taught him the importance of customer satisfaction.

Tim was determined to find a way to use all of what he had learned about coins in a more productive way. He set his sights on starting his own coin shop where he could share his knowledge. In 1982, he became a resident of the then small town of Folsom. Finding his dream realized in 1991 when he opened Folsom Coin & Currency.

Now with over 40 years of numismatic studies and over 20 years of Coin Shop ownership, he offers a great deal of expertise in the field. That combined with his customer relations skills he is able to offer what he believes is the best coin shop in the greater Sacramento area. His goal is to educate the customer so that they can be assured they will receive the fairest offers paid.

Picture of Jen

Jennifer Hughan - Manager

Growing up being involved in her family’s Art Gallery, Jennifer has been around the operations of a small business and customer service since a very young age.

Her fascination of the coin world came over ten years ago when she started a job in a newly established coin shop in Northern California. Over the next ten years she worked closely with a number of prominent coin dealers and attended a number of important coin shows in the Western United States. During this period she also took courses teaching coin grading and authentication from prominent numismatists.

Jennifer brought her knowledge and experience to Folsom Coins in August 2012. Her specialties include both numismatic and bullion coins from all over the world as well as gold and silver jewelry and scrap gold. With Jennifer at Folsom Coins we are able to give you a quick quote on all gold and silver jewelry, such as necklaces, rings, earrings and the like.

Together with Folsom Coins & Currency she is able to offer her knowledge of coins and precious metal to all people from the greater Sacramento area.

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