Jewelry & Flatware

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Everyone has a few pieces of gold or silver jewelry lying around that may be no use to you or you just don't wear anymore. Items may be broken, or out of style. Or you may have recveived some jewelry as a gift or as part of an inheritance. Folsom Coin & Currency will buy your unwanted jewelry and flatware.
Folsom Coin & Currency will offer you top dollar for your sterling / silver-plated flatware. Offers will be based on the current market values.

Our Market Price Chart for Gold Jewelry

Current Gold Spot Price of: $1,341.34
Gold Fineness/PurityPrice per GramPrice per DWT
22 Karat (91.6% pure)$31.60$49.15
18 Karat (75% pure)$25.88$40.24
16 Karat (66.67%)$22.98$35.73
14 Karat (58.3% pure)$20.11$31.28
10 Karat (41.7% pure)$14.39$22.37
9 Karat (37.5% pure)$12.94$20.12
1 troy ounce = 31.1034768 grams.
1 gram = 0.03215 ounces.
1 pennyweight (DWT) = 0.05 ounces.
Disclaimer: Prices are based on current precious metal exchange rates and are intended only for approximations on this web site. For exact pricing, please contact our store or visit us to lock in exact rates.